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Swan Physio is a local, modern Physiotherapy practice

Swan Physio is a local, modern Physiotherapy practice offering affordable high quality treatments in a convenient and pleasant setting.

The wellbeing of our clients is a priority and although we may ask you to continue exercises at home between treatment sessions our Philosophy is that “We will do what you cannot!” ‘Hands on’ methods are therefore an essential element of our treatment approach and when used alongside condition-specific and lifestyle advice provide a strong basis for successful outcomes.

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Swan Physio Staff Member

Carys Roberts

MSC (Proprieter)

Carys Roberts is the lead Physiotherapist and founder of Swan Physio, taking the name from the local emblem of Madeley village where the clinic originally opened and where Carys grew up. A local talent, Carys graduated from Keele University in 2009 not only with first class honours but also as the winner of the cohort award for Clinical Excellence.

Since graduating, Carys has completed additional qualifications in pain management, muscle retraining, injury prevention and Acupuncture. Her special interests include Spinal Problems, Joint Problems, Chronic Pain Management, Sports Injuries, Paediatric conditions, Acute Injury Management, Headaches and Acupuncture. She completed her MSc in Physiotherapy in 2014 by conducting a research project in association with the Football Association (FA).


Carys’ first post was with Shropshire NHS where she handled both routine and complex musculoskeletal cases. Through this experience she was able to develop her skills in treating older people and complex orthopaedic rehabilitation. She later worked in a local private practice but throughout her career has worked in evenings and at weekends for Stoke City Football Club Girls Centre of Excellence. In this role she manages a team of staff to ensure the squad of young players receive the excellent care they need to succeed.

The quality of her work there has been recognised not only by Keele University for whom it is an official training placement but also by the FA. Since 2011, Carys has worked within the England Ladies Football structure to support the Elite Performance Camps and has worked at St George’s Park, the National Football Centre in Burton-on-Trent. This is a state of the art facility where all 24 England international football teams, the FA and other national sports teams/elite athletes train.

An energetic individual, Carys enjoys Hockey, Pilates and the Gym in her spare time!

Swan Physio Staff Member

Natalie Darlington


Natalie graduated from Keele University in 2011 with a BSc (Hons) degree in Physiotherapy. As one of Clinical Director Carys’ first ever students Natalie proved her expertise before even graduating. Since then her and Carys have worked closely together at Stoke City Football Club and various other roles.

Swan Physio Staff Member

Karen Lawless


Karen graduated from Keele University in 2015 with a BSc (Hons) degree in Physiotherapy. Originally from Ireland Karen moved over to England to pursue her Physiotherapy career and we have managed to keep her here thankfully!

Swan Physio Staff Member

Kim Page


Kim and her husband relocated to the area a few years ago in order to help look after their beautiful grandchildren. In between this very important job, Kim helps keep all of the clinicians and clients on track by manning the reception.

Swan Physio Staff Member

Beth Anderson

Receptionist / Physio Assistant

Swan Physio Staff Member

Jane Lloyd

Clinical Hypnotherapist

Jane is a qualified Clinical Hypnotherapist having studied Solution Focused Hypnotherapy, Cognitive Behavioural Hypnotherapy and Ericksonian Hypnotherapy. This enables her to deal with a wide range of issues such as behaviour & habit change, anxiety & stress reduction, phobia release, weight management, smoking cessation, through to clinical issues such as pain management.

Swan Physio Staff Member

Emily Hazeldine

Dance Instructor

Emily Hazeldine is a Freelance Dance artist based in Staffordshire, who currently delivers a broad range of dance sessions. She graduated from the University of Chester with a First Class Dance degree (with honours) in 2016.

Swan Physio Staff Member

Christine Murray

Dru Yoga Instructor

I was first introduced to yoga in my teens, and continued practice at home and at various classes. With my two children soon to fly the nest, I was drawn to find out more about yoga, and to deepen my understanding of the physical, emotional and mental benefits. After 2 years of training, I completed the Dru Yoga Teacher Training course in the West Midlands in 2015

Swan Physio Staff Member

Pippa Inwood

Sports Therapist / Clinical Assistant

Pippa Inwood is a Sports Therapist at Swan Health and Rehabilitation and Clinical Assistant at Swan Physio. Qualifying with a BSc (Hons) in Sport Therapy from Coventry University in 2015, Pippa joined Swan Physio shortly after graduating, returning back to her hometown.

Swan Physio Staff Member

Catherine Holden

Clinical Pilates Instructor

Catherine (‘Cat’) has completed ‘Modern Pilates’ training which has an excellent reputation as it uses Physiotherapists alongside Pilates Instructors to train students. This means that anatomy and medical conditions are covered in much greater detail.

Swan Physio Staff Member

Diane Roberts

Company Director

Clinical Director Carys’ Mum! Diane currently works at the University of Manchester as a Health Researcher, as well as being potentially the best qualified receptionist/bookkeeper in the area! Also a Keele University graduate, Diane completed a Doctorate in 2011.

Swan Physio Staff Member

Sharon Edwards

Podiatrist / Clincal Biomechanics Specialist

Sharon Edwards has extensive NHS experience, managing a service which deals with complex foot problems, biomechanics and bespoke orthotics. Having completed specialist training in balance and mobility problems Sharon is able to help older clients keep their confidence in moving as they age.