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We were the first clinic in Staffordshire to offer Deep Oscillation®

We were the first clinic in Staffordshire to offer Deep Oscillation® to our clients – many of whom now refer to it as the ‘Magic Machine’!

This special machine allows us to create an electrostatic field in the tissues of the body via our Therapist’s hands or an applicator, which creates the same effects as a deep tissue massage but without the same amount of pain during or after the treatment.

It is excellent for Chronic Pain conditions such as Fibromyalgia, Knee Arthritis and Lower Back Pain.

We can also offer ‘Self-Treatment’ sessions as part of a Bespoke Package using this machine. We have used this to great success with our female clients who had undergone a Masectomy as part of their treatment for Breast Cancer, as they can use the machine in the privacy of a private treatment area over their Masectomy site.

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Recent Client Feedback

Treatment Was Great!

Physios were really accommodating when it came to getting me into the clinic! Then the treatment was great, a number of different methods were used and nothing seemed to much trouble! They also made me feel confident about my recovery

Very Experienced & Approchable

Absolutely fantastic place!! Carys and her team are lovely. Very experienced and approachable. Would highly recommend. The service provide to clients is second to none, and extremely attentive to people's needs and abilities.

Swan Physio Deep Oscillation

Swan Physio Deep Oscillation

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